About Us

Mrva Law has been advising Slovenian and foreign companies and international corporations in Slovenia since 2001. Our guiding principle is to offer our clients well-prepared, practical, clear and simple solutions.

Our law firm is specialised in real estate and commercial law. Among our domestic clients we advise small and medium-sized companies, while our foreign clients are mainly established German and Austrian companies, international corporations operating in Slovenia and investors. We draft all types of contracts, general terms and conditions of sale, company bylaws and other legal acts required by our clients in the course of their business.

Our guiding principle is to offer our clients well-prepared and at the same time practical, clear and simple solutions. Clients appreciate our result-oriented approach and our commitment to finding the most cost-effective and, if necessary, innovative solutions. We strive to be as responsive as possible, as most often clients need advice, a contract or a legal opinion as soon as possible. Our economic knowledge allows us to look at each case from an economic perspective. We have worked with most of our clients for a long time and we know their industry, ambitions, values and business culture, so advising is quick and easy. At the same time, fairness and ethics remain the cornerstones of our work.

We work closely with two large law firms in Vienna and Nuremberg, and, thanks to our membership in international law firm associations (WIRAS and others), we can immediately contact law firms in most European Union countries and in economically important countries around the world. Slovenian companies can therefore handle legal matters abroad through our office.

Our Story

Although art and entrepreneurship are quite different at first sight, business ideas are often born away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in silence.

All of us in the office have a connection to music, photography or the visual arts. The images on this website are the work of our colleagues.

We believe that individual freedom and a friendly and fair business environment are the cornerstones of human creativity, satisfaction and well-being in society. The work of our firm is dedicated to these goals.