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Commercial Contracts

Drafting contracts requires knowledge of the industry in which the client operates and anticipation of future events in the implementation of the transaction. To date, we have drafted hundreds of contracts concluded by domestic and foreign companies.

Management Contracts and Labour Law Contracts
The smooth running of a business requires contracts with employees where the rights and obligations of the parties are precisely and strictly defined. We draft management contracts, especially for foreign companies, key personnel contracts and other employment contracts. We handle breach of contract and termination of employment contracts.

Experience: advising a leading international company in the production of household appliances in concluding contracts with managers of a Slovenian subsidiary; dismissal of a director of a Slovenian subsidiary in the production and sale of industrial vehicles for abuse of position; advising on the amicable termination of an executive of a steel company; dismissal of the head of the company’s sector for poor performance; drafting of employment regulations, job classification regulations, remuneration acts and disciplinary regulations; implementation of dismissal procedures for sexual harassment, incompetence and economic reasons.

Long-term contracts for the supply of goods and services
Long-term contracts are important because of the high value of the subject matter of the contract. They must take account of various possible business developments – from changes in the price of raw materials, to changes in final market prices, labour costs, the behaviour of competitors and changes in regulations. We prepare contracts for various suppliers of products and services.

Experience: advising on a long-term contract for the supply of industrial components to a manufacturer; advising a foreign supplier of train parts on a public procurement contract for Slovenian Railways; advising a foreign company on the supply of paints and varnishes from Slovenian manufacturers; advising an advertising company on a long-term contract for the provision of advertising services; advising an international road haulage services company on a breach of contract by a Slovenian partner.

Transfer of licences, IT, supply of technology, copyright
The smooth operation of software is vital for businesses and contract values can be very high. We advise clients on contracts with software suppliers and maintainers, copyright transfer agreements and other similar contracts.

Experience: advising a trading company in concluding a software supply and maintenance contract worth hundreds of thousands of euros with a foreign supplier; advising a German company on tax matters in the supply of industrial equipment to a large Slovenian chemical company; advising a Slovenian publishing house in the sale of copyrights to a foreign publisher.

Supply of agricultural produce
The production and sale of agricultural produce is characterised by high price fluctuations on the market. We advise clients on long-term supply contracts for agricultural produce.

Experience: advising the world’s largest hops trader in concluding long-term contracts with Slovenian hop growers, enforcing breaches of contract.

Registration of companies, status changes
We establish companies for foreign and domestic clients, draft management and employment contracts, arrange accounting services, advise on tax matters. We also draft contracts with suppliers, lease agreements, real estate purchase agreements and advise on obtaining residence and work permits.

Experience: advising a German investor on setting up a company and concluding management contracts, employment contracts, lease agreements, general terms and conditions and other acts in the field of civil aviation; advising individuals from third countries on setting up companies for the purchase of real estate, obtaining visas, concluding lease agreements with tenants of our clients’ real estate; advising on setting up a company for a foreign owner in the field of construction; advising on the separation of part of a company, on changes in the company’s business structure, on the acquisition of real estate, on the acquisition of visas, on the conclusion of lease contracts with tenants of our clients’ real estate; advising on the setting up of companies for a foreign owner in the field of construction. d. to d.o.o. and other status changes.

Few takeovers are commercially successful, so it is important that they are carefully prepared. We carry out due diligence, prepare share purchase agreements, due diligence documents, new management contracts, advise on adapting the internal structure of the acquired company to the parent company and advise on other acquisition matters. We provide foreign clients with information on the Slovenian legal system, business environment, tax issues, labour market and other specifics of doing business in the country.

Experience: acquisition of a Slovenian manufacturing company by an Austrian buyer (sale value of tens of millions of EUR; advising on the sale of a Slovenian civil aviation company, advising on the acquisition of an agro-processing company by a foreign buyer; advising on the sale of companies for the sale of real estate.

Dispute resolution
Filing a lawsuit is only one of the options in the event of a dispute. By carefully preparing documentation and legal arguments, we try to avoid litigation, and often succeed in resolving a disputed relationship without filing a lawsuit. We always present our clients with a realistic assessment of the risks, costs, duration and likely outcome of litigation.

Experience: representing clients in amicable dispute resolution negotiations, mediation proceedings, before the courts in all types of contractual disputes, in damages proceedings, in administrative proceedings and disputes, before the Constitutional Court and before other state authorities.