Practice Areas

Commercial law

Real Estate


The legal environment is becoming increasingly complex in all sectors of the economy. High-quality drafting of internal acts and compliance with public law regulations reduces the risk of lawsuits and inspection proceedings and allows the company to focus on achieving its business objectives. We advise clients on the drafting of bylaws, general terms and conditions of business, prepare documents in the field of gambling, prize games and represent clients in licensing procedures.

Employment relations, internal corporate acts
We advise clients on the adoption of all types of internal acts, considering the specifics of each industry and the particularities of the company’s business philosophy.

Experience: drafting general labour law acts for companies in the fields of trade, real estate brokerage, advertising, vehicle maintenance; advising on the drafting of acts on the protection of business secrets, the protection of personal data, the transfer of data to third countries and the drafting of codes of ethical conduct for subsidiaries of multinational corporations in Slovenia.

Terms and Conditions
We advise foreign and domestic companies on the adoption of general terms and conditions of business with customers and other companies (B2B).

Experience: advising German insurance companies on the adoption of general terms and conditions; advising Slovenian trading companies active in the field of industrial components, industrial vehicles, and the provision of repair services.

Advertising, Sweepstakes
Knowledge of competition law, consumer protection law, intellectual property law, tax law and other areas of law is required for the preparation of advertising campaigns. We advise on the preparation of advertising campaigns and sweepstakes.

Experience: legal advice on the preparation of advertising campaigns for banks, international payment service providers, sales of alcoholic beverages, beverages, footwear; advice to energy companies; advice on concluding advertising contracts for advertising agencies; advice on concluding contracts with the media; representation of advertising agencies before inspection bodies and in court proceedings in advertising matters.

Gaming is a highly regulated area, subject to European competition law.

Experience: representing the world’s largest online gambling provider in administrative and other proceedings and in negotiations with state authorities; advising the European Association of Online Gambling Organisers; representing a Slovenian sports club in proceedings relating to gambling.

International companies have well-defined internal procedures and ways of dealing with clients. We adapt legal acts for them to operate on the Slovenian market.

Experience: drafting general terms and conditions of business, drafting relevant documentation in the area of personal data protection; drafting contracts with external partners for several German insurance companies.

Pharmaceuticals – Life Sciences
The strict regulation of the field requires strict compliance by providers. We advise foreign clients on their entry into the Slovenian market.

Experience: representing a foreign manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and medical devices in organising professional meetings for physicians and in concluding contracts with physicians, as well as advising on other legal issues.

We advise and represent clients before administrative and regulatory authorities, in obtaining permits and consents in the fields of construction, gambling, civil aviation and other areas.