Practice Areas

Commercial law

Real Estate

Real Estate Development

We work with investors to acquire real estate, amend zoning acts, obtain building permits. We also participate in negotiations with municipalities, consenting parties, adjacent landowners and prepare contractor agreements, general conditions of sale and sales contracts.

Experience: participation in the process of amending the zoning act for the construction of a high-rise office building; advising on the construction of a residential estate – dealing with the municipality and other co-owners of the site; arranging easements for access to the land for construction, concluding easement agreements; dealing with adjacent land owners; drafting consents for construction; drafting pre-sales agreements and contracts; dealing with tax matters; advising on the process of obtaining a building permit: drafting contracts with architects, other designers, supervisors, contractors; drafting general conditions of sale and sales contracts; resolving disputes relating to defect claims; drafting lease contracts; drafting contracts with managing agents; dealing with the GURS and land registry matters, advising on the conclusion and implementation of contracts with banks; advising municipalities on the conclusion of public-private partnerships.